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Our vision and values

The Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform [LCER] exists to move the Labour Party along the road to electoral reform.  From Keir Hardie to many of the new 2017 MPs, Labour members have been committed to changing the voting system to elect MPs.  We are determined that Labour enters the next General Election with a promise of electoral reform in its Manifesto. 

A new voting system needs to make votes count and people matter.  This is not an end in itself.  Our vision is of a better politics and an inclusive democracy where elections are decided by the many and not the few voters in target marginal constituencies.  This reflects our values and belief in democracy and equality.  

In the context of our democracy we also engage in and encourage discussion about registration, boundary revisions, devolution and local councils, mayors, the House of Lords, citizenship education, votes at 16 and a written constitution, in complete distinction to the Conservative Party.

In 2017 Labour began to enthuse the public, especially young people, with a new political vision. Our vision and our values are undermined by the insistence that we arrive in office with a majority in parliament which is not reflected in the population as a whole.  To make that victory legitimate we need to adopt a policy which pays attention to the voting system at the heart of our democracy and offers to change it.

Why Labour must take the lead on voting reform

LCER works with other organisations campaigning for democratic reform, but we are unique in focusing our efforts on policy change within the Labour Party. We do this because we believe that the impetus for changing the voting system must come from the Labour Party.

The Conservatives will NEVER support PR because PR gives them such a big advantage (see below).

The smaller parties already support PR, but lack the influence to bring about change.

Only Labour can drive the change


  Labour MPS
 Tory MPs
 MPs with over 60% of the vote
 87 7
 MPs with over 70% of the vote
 24 0
 MPs with over 80% of the vote
 5 0
 Average vote share achieved by winning MPs
 56.3% 49.1%

In the 2017 election, 87 Labour MPs were elected with over 60% of the votes cast in their constituency. 24 of these got over 70% of votes cast, while 5 MPs got over 80%!

By contrast, only 7 Tory MPs were elected with over 60% of the vote and no Tory MP received over 64% of the vote.

This is not just a problem with the 2017 UK election - it is a known problem with FPTP systems. They disadvantage left-leaning voters because these voters tend to live in densely populated urban areas. 


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