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sorting out a failed payment

If you've received an email telling you a payment has failed, this is nothing to worry about. It has probably happened because your bank has issued you a new payment card, and you haven't yet updated the details on our system. Please follow the instructions below.
Start by signing in to your account
Click the  MEMBER PROFILE   button at the top of this page and sign in with your email and password. If you have any problems signing in, please see the instructions on our Manage your Membership page.
Once you've signed in, you’ll be taken to your "profile" screen and will see a blue button somewhere in the middle of the screen inviting you to renew – for example,

Click that button.
You’ll now see a screen with your personal information. Please check and amend if necessary, then click

You’ll then see a screen that confirms the amount that will be taken from your account to cover the missed payment. Check that it's correct, and click

This will take you to a screen asking you to enter your new payment card details.
If your subs were overdue for less than a month ...
this is all you need to do - your new card details will be saved and will be used to pay your monthly subs from now on.
If your subs were overdue by more than a month ...
We're really sorry, but you can only pay for one overdue month at a time. Once you’ve paid for the first outstanding month, if your subs are still overdue, you'll have to repeat the whole process again, including entering your payment card details again!
Because this is a third-party system, we don’t have any control over it. All we can do is apologise. If anyone manages to work out how to sort the problem out with a single payment, please let us know.


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