4 August 2020

We'll only get a fair voting system if Labour makes it happen.

Image: Retha Ferguson on Pexels

20 July 2020

What the Guardian isn’t telling you about electoral reform

4 July 2020

How PR "completely transformed" NZ politics

(article and image re-posted from the Electoral Reform Society)

28 April 2020

It’s no wonder that people feel disconnected from politics when most of us live in safe seats, and might as well not vote at all.

(full article at Penguin Perspectives)

4 February 2020

Maths, Morality and Modernity: Clive Lewis's speech to LCER's Annual General Meeting

>> Listen

21 December 2019

What would have happened under PR?

7 May 2016

John McDonnell calls for a new electoral system

"The current voting system is allowing the Tories to force extreme measures on our country, despite having won only 36.9 per cent of the vote...  We have to scrap First Past the Post".


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