Campaigning for Labour to back proportional representation

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Leadership candidates - see our home page

deputy leadership candidates

IAN MURRAY is a supporter of PR. He gave a detailed response to our questions.

"Proportional Representation is well established in the UK,with proportional systems used in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and in London, for the Assembly elections [...]

As a former councillor in Edinburgh, I supported the introduction of STV for local council elections in Scotland and would welcome this being introduced in other parts of the UK. When it comes to General Elections, FPTP [...] retains the constituency link between MPs and their constituents,and I believe that a geographical link must always be preserved."

ANGELA RAYNER responded to our questions, expressing openness, if not a commitment, to voting reform.

"I’m open to change in how we do business [...] but personally my top concern is to keep the link between politicians and constituencies

Without a doubt, the first major constitutional reform should be replacing the House of Lords and I don't think there is any doubt that would need a new electoral system. I also support using STV in internal party elections. If we are serious about democratic reform in the country, we can show it within our own party first."

DAWN BUTLER: historically undecided, now a convert to PR

“I fully support voting reform as I believe there are real grievances with First Past the Postthat need to be addressed. Everyone must feel as though their vote really counts and makes a difference at election time and we need a voting system which truly does just that."

Read more on the ERS website

RICHARD BURGON: historically undecided at best, now open to voting reform

“So if Labour members support a change in the electoral system then this is something I will push for as Deputy Leader and defend being in the next manifesto. My own personal position on the question of voting reform is that I have always been concerned about how any proportional system would maintain the link between constituents and Members of Parliament."

Read more on the ERS website

ROSENA ALLIN KHAN: no statement on voting reform during the campaign, as far as we know.

The MVM website lists her as "undecided"

what our members can do

  • Attend local meetings and hustings, and ask questions about proportional representation.
  • Although most of the candidates have now made statements on voting reform, the more often we ask the question, the more important they will know it is.
  • Write to each of the candidates, making clear the importance you attach to voting reform.
  • Angela Rayner has a consultation survey in which it's worth mentioning voting reform. 

Timetable for the contest

7 January: Nominations open from MPs and MEPs
Candidates will need to secure the nominations of least 10 per cent (22) of the party's MPs and MEPs in order to stand.

13 January: Nominations from MPs and MEPs close, 2.30pm

14 January: Registered supporters applications open, 5pm

15 January: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates open

Those who have enough nominations to enter must be supported by either five per cent of all constituency Labour parties or three Labour affiliates - of which at least two must be trade unions - in order to proceed.

16 January: Registered supporters applications close, 5pm

20 January: Deadline for new members and affiliated supporters, 5pm

14 February: Nominations from CLPs and affiliates close

21 February: Ballot opens

2 April: Ballot closes, midday

4 April: Special conference to announce result and the new Labour Party leader

Official Hustings

Saturday 18 January - Liverpool

You can watch the hustings live, or at a later point, at this link here

Saturday 25 January - Leeds

Saturday 1 February - Bristol

Sunday 2 February - Cardiff

Saturday 8 February - Nottingham

Sunday 9 February - West Bromwich

Saturday 15 February - Glasgow

Sunday 16 February - London 

Saturday 22 February - Bedford

Sunday 23 February - Durham

Saturday 29 February - Brighton

Regional Conferences

weekend 8 – 9 February
Labour North West Regional Conference, Southport

weekend 15-16 February
Labour South West Regional Conference, Bristol                           

22 -23 February 
Labour East Regional Conference


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