Westminster first-past-the-post elections “outdated anomaly”, campaigners say

Elliot Chappell, Labour List, 2 August 2021

Keir Starmer will face an unpredictable challenge at the Labour Party conference

John Rentoul, The Independent, 31 July 2021

Our democracy is broken – Britain needs electoral reform now

Femi Oluwole, The Independent, 31 July 2021

Westminster urged to follow Holyrood’s lead and introduce PR elections

Katrine Bussey, The Scotsman, 31 July 2021

House of Lords: Hereditary peers are being 'elected' to parliament in a mockery of democracy

Willie Sullivan, The Scotsman, 26 July 2021

Exclusive: 83% of members say Labour should back proportional representation

Elliot Chappell & Sienna Rodgers, Labour List, 19 July 2021

Who Runs Scotland? Calls for 'radical shift of power' after influencers revealed

Karin Goodwin, The Herald, 17 july 2021

Green students are changing the face of politics

Victoria Mery, Bright Green, 13 July 2021

Scottish Parliament should resist Boris Johnson's plans for voter ID – Dr Jess Garland

Jess Garland, The Scotsman, 11 July 2021

Burnham calls for regional House of Lords with equal representation from Wales

Nation Cymru, 7 July 2021

Ian Blackford warns voter ID laws could make Boris Johnson a ‘tin-pot dictator'

Alexander Brown, The Scotsman, 7 July 2021

Here are key votes Tories would have lost under 'fairer' system

Rachel Ashcroft, The National, 7 July 2021

Proportional Representation is the Hail Mary Labour Must Play

Adrià Aranda Balibrea, Shout Out UK, 7 July 2021

Voter ID bill a danger to democracy say campaigners

Gina Davidson, The Scotsman, 6 July 2021

Supporting change to the electoral system should be a core Labour issue

Billy Bragg, Labour List, 21 June 2021

In Unite and in Westminster, the left is victim of a warped voting system

Julie Ward & Paul Cooney, Labour List, 19 June 2021

Forty years on from SDP-Liberal alliance, could a new electoral pact be on the cards?

Martyn McLaughlin, The Scotsman, 16 June 2021

Thousands back call for Holyrood to set up 'House of Citizens'

Judith Duffy, The National, 15 June 2021

To stop the climate crisis, we need to fix the UK’s crisis of democracy

Molly Scott Cato, Left Foot Forward, 14 June 2021

What would the party system look like if the UK had proportional representation?

Electoral Reform Society, 9 June 2021

Boundary tinkering won’t fix a broken electoral system

Letters, The Guardian, 9 June 2021

Democracy In Crisis, with Peter Geoghegan, Neal Lawson & Klina Jordan

Festival of Debate, 3 June 2021

New Forest Labour, Lib Dems and Greens call to axe first-past-the-post elections system

Jon Waller, New Milton Advertiser & Lymington Times, 1 June 2021

"Super Thursday" election round-up

Make Votes Matter, 27 May 2021

The push for PR gathers momentum

Julian Vaughan, 26 May 2021

Reform electoral system or keep losing to Tories, Keir Starmer warned

Toby Helm, The Guardian, 23 May 2021

Concerned about Holyrood voting? The answer is review, not hasty tinkering

Dr Elliot Bulmer, The National, 23 May 2021

Britain’s photo ID system undermines the democracy it is trying to preserve

Parisa Hashempour, Business Insider, 22 May 20201

PODCAST – Why electoral reform matters and how to get more of it

Mark Pack, 21 May 2021

Want to end debate over a progressive alliance? Labour must back PR

Sandy Martin, Labour List, 20 May 2021

Tories would lose 287 council seats if proportional voting was introduced

Richard Ault, The Mirror, 14 May 2021

Government accused of 'inventing bogeymen and scare stories' in voter ID plan

itv news, 14 May 2021

If only Labour would start striking deals on seats, think what it could do

Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, 13 May 2021

Electoral reform campaigners launch ‘roadshow’ urging Labour to back PR

Elliot Chappell, Labour List, 12 May 2021

Voter ID: What does the new plan mean for voters?

Liam Geraghty, The Big Issue, 11 May 2021

Johnson to restore power to choose general election date

Express and Star, 11 May 2021

Civil Liberty Groups Come Out In Force Against “Unnecessary and Expensive” Voter ID Plans

Eleanor Langford, Politics Home, 11 May 2021

Welsh Lib Dem leader slams UK Gov voter ID plan as ‘illiberal’ and ‘unjust’

Nation Cymru, 11 May 2021

Priti Patel warned not to ‘attack democracy’ by changing mayoral voting system

Tom Ambrose, Evening Standard, 11 May 2021

Queen’s speech: voters will need photo ID for general elections

Jim Waterson, The Guardian,10 May 2021

Backlash over Government’s voter ID plans

David Hughes, Evening Standard, 10 May 2021

Elections 2021: Rotten boroughs are rife in England, as voters are hit by warped results

Josiah Mortimer, Electoral Reform Society, 07 May 2021

Opponents round on UK government over plans to change PCC voting system

Nation Cymru, 07 May 2021

Campaigning group urges new Lord Speaker to abolish aristocrat elections

Express & Star, 30 Apr 2021

Local one party states are a gift for cronies and lobbyists

Josiah Mortimer, Electoral Reform Society, 30 Apr 2021

First-past-the-post voting stifles intellectual diversity in British politics

James Moules, Reaction Politics, 28 Apr 2021

Scottish Election 2021: What is a list vote? Why has there been talk of ‘splitting votes’?

Stephen Mcilkenny, The Herald, 27 Apr 2021

Tactical voting in the Senedd election: Who to back in the constituencies

Ifan Morgan Jones, Nation cymru, 26 apr 2021

Leeds Local Election 2021: ‘We have to recognise we have a democratic deficit’

Richard Beecham, West Leeds Dispatch, 22 Apr 2021

Why first-past-the-post steals elections for right-wing parties – and how to stop it

Laura Parker and Joe Sousek, NewStatesman, Apr 2021

Campaigners call for 'major voting rights effort'

Laura Sharman, LocalGov, Apr 2021

Momentum to push for Keir Starmer to support proportional representation

Jon Stone, The Independent, Apr 2021

Momentum backs proportional representation and £15 minimum wage

Sienna Rodgers, Labourlist, Apr 2021

Only 5% Of Brits Feel They Have Any Influence On Decision-Making In Westminster

Eleanor Langford, Politics Home, Apr 2021

Plurality of Britons Would Support Switching to Proportional Representation

Redfield & Wilton Strategies, Mar 2021

The Guardian view on environmental politics: make votes for green politicians count

The Guardian, Mar 2021

Labour can learn lessons on electoral reform from New Zealand

Ruth Cadbury, The New European, Mar 2021

If Labour doesn't fight our broken electoral system, it could be out of power for ever

Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, Mar 2021

MPs step up parliamentary push for electoral reform with new cross-party campaign

Tara Azar, The Electoral Reform Society, Feb 2021

One in four Constituency Labour Parties now back Proportional Representation – so what’s next?

Federico Scolari, The Electoral Reform Society, Feb 2021

The Guardian view on a progressive alliance: divided they fall

The Guardian, 13 Dec 2020

Starmer urged to start cooperating with Lib Dems if he wants to win

Heather Stewart, The Guardian, 11 Dec 2020

Momentum needs to get serious about democracy – and not just within the Labour Party

Alan Story, Left Foot Forward, 5 Dec 2020

Labour must look to a centre-left alliance

Letters, The Guardian, 26 Nov 2020

Legitimate, diverse, capable local government? We need electoral reform

Duncan Enright, LabourList, 26 Nov 2020

Only electoral reform will rid the Labour party of factionalism

Jeremy Gilbert, The Guardian, 20 Nov 2020

Keir Starmer is facing growing calls to support electoral reform as 100 Labour branches back voting shake-up

Nigel Morris, iNews, 19 Nov 2020

Archive, 1989: David Owen stresses Labour’s need for coalition

Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 25 Sept 2020

Labour groups push for Keir Starmer to back proportional representation

Jon Stone, The Independent, 19 Sept 2020

Extinction Rebellion is showing Britain what real democracy could look like

George Monbiot, The Guardian, 16 Sept 2020

Tory plan to scrap election watchdog 'undermines democracy'

Peter Walker, The Guardian, 31 Aug 2020

Boris Johnson has no mandate for anything. A fair voting system could stop him from leading us further into chaos

Peter Tatchell, The Independent, 24 Aug 2020

MPs may have been misled over BAME voter ID claims

Jessica Elgot, The Guardian, 28 Jul 2020

The Russia report's real warning? Britain has given up protecting its democracy

Peter Geoghegan, The Guardian, 27 July 2020

The Guardian view on Labour and PR: Fix a flawed system

The Guardian, 19 Jul 2020

Labour must find its radical voice again

Letters, The Guardian, 16 Jul 2020

UK government accused of 'power grab' over redrawing of boundaries

Peter Walker, The Guardian, 2 Jun 2020

UK voter ID plan disenfranchises the poor, appeal court told

Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 23 Apr 2020

Labour has it all to play for at the next election

Letters, The Guardian, 21 Apr 2020

Now more than ever, we need to drag parliament into the modern age

Darren Hughes, LabourList, 8 Apr 2020

Next Labour leader should back sweeping electoral reforms, Greens say

Fiona Harvey, The Guardian, 3 Apr 2020

Government abandons boundary shakeup to cut number of MPs to 600

Lizzy Buchan, The Independent, 26 Mar 2020

Bringing together a divided nation

Letters, The Guardian, 3 Mar 2020

A Labour-Lib Dem pact and the need for reform

Letters, The Guardian, 2 Mar 2020

Millions being ignored by ‘morally and politically bankrupt’ UK voting system, new report claims

Ashley Cowburn, Independent, 2 Mar 2020

Exclusive: Keir Starmer vows to consult Labour members on electoral reform

Sienna Rodgers, LabourList, 28 Feb 2020

We need to talk about electoral reform

Dawn Butler, LabourList, 20 Feb 2020

Former top judge calls for fundamental review of politics post-Brexit

Owen Bowcott, The Guardian, 4 Feb 2020

Labour leadership candidates urged to back electoral reform

Peter Walker, The Guardian, 3 Feb 2020

Any Questions? Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Ken Clarke, Richard Holden MP, Lord Mann

BBC Radio 4, 31 Jan 2020 (22 minutes in)

The first task of Labour’s new leader will be to overhaul democracy in the UK

Adam Ramsay, The Guardian, 29 Jan 2020

Leadership candidates challenged to back electoral reform

Sienna Rodgers, LabourList, 24 Jan 2020

MPs call for unlimited fines for those who breach electoral law

Mark Townsend, The Observer, 18 Jan 2020

History is clear: Labour must lead an alliance for democratic reform

Jeremy Gilbert, openDemocracy, 18 Jan 2020

Electoral reform and making every vote count

Letters, The Guardian, 15 Jan 2020

Jess Phillips calls for citizens’ assembly to tackle climate crisis

Heather Stewart, The Guardian, 14 Jan 2020

My six-point plan to restore trust in politics

Jess Phillips, The Guardian, 14 Jan 2020

Labour's leadership contest will be a chance to seal electoral reform in Britain

Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, 13 Jan 2020

The Guardian view on electoral reform: an argument Labour needs to have

Editorial, The Guardian, 12 Jan 2020

Will Labour's leader finally break with first-past-the-post?

Anthony Barnett, LabourList, 10 Jan 2020

Clive Lewis says Labour should consider referendum on the royal family

Peter Walker, The Guardian, 10 Jan 2020

Labour and Proportional Representation

Anthony Barnett, Compass, 9 Jan 2020

First-past-the-post system breeds cynical and disaffected voters

Letters, The Guardian, 8 Jan 2020

Clive Lewis: to beat Tories, Labour has to work with other progressives

Heather Stewart, The Guardian, 7 Jan 2020

Senior Labour figures plan move to back electoral reform after general election fiasco

Nigel Morris, The i, 30 Dec 2019

Labour has gambled on first-past-the-post for too long

Joe Sousek, LabourList, 20 Dec 2019

Three-quarters of Labour members want party to back proportional representation

Jon Stone, The Independent, 17 Dec 2019

Hung parliament and 70 Lib Dem MPs: what the election result would have been under PR

Adam Forrest, The Independent, 14 Dec 2019

Here's what the UK parliament would look like under proportional representation

Natasha Frost, Quartz, 13 Dec 2019

Small parties urged to make proportional representation a red line for any coalition

Jon Stone, The Independent, 10 Dec 2019

It’s time for real change – and that means real change to our democracy

Clive Lewis, LabourList, 8 Dec 2019

Our voting system needs a shake-up: give us PR

Theo Morgan, Westminster Extra, 8 Dec 2019

We need to talk about electoral reform

Theo Morgan, Morning Star, 6 Dec 2019

Labour must change the rules of the game – and back electoral reform

Theo Morgan, LabourList, 15 Nov 2019

Labour must embrace radical electoral reform

Letters, The Guardian, 14 Nov 2019

Labour should fight for electoral reform

Letters, The Guardian,  7 Nov 2019

Britain is divided. That’s why we need a hung parliament again

Polly Toynbee, The Guardian  4 Nov 2019

What Canada can learn from New Zealand on electoral reform

Dominic O'Sullivan, The Conversation, 29 Oct 2019

David Miliband: Brexit is wrecking British democracy

Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 24 Oct 2019

Our voting system needs reform - not photo ID

Letters, The Guardian, 16 Oct 2019

Amber Rudd calls for proportional voting system to be discussed

Peter Walker, The Guardian, 11 Sep 2019

Today Programme: Puzzle #559

Puzzle set by YouGov's Peter Kellner on the Today Programme, 3 Sep 2019

Changing voting to vote for change

Daniel Goldstraw, The Overtake, 5 Aug 2019

For fairness vote against first past the post elections

Stephen Kinnock, The Times, 2 Jul 2019

Our archaic First-Past-The-Post system is alarmingly unfit for a multi-party age

Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian, 9 Jun 2019

The European elections proved the need to reform Britain's voting system

Willie Sullivan,, 29 May 2019

We're led by a party not fit for power in a system not fit for purpose

Gary Younge, The Guardian, 29 Mar 2019

The "Winner Takes it All" mentality of First Past the Post has supercharged Brexit's toxicity
Mark Thompson, New Statesman America, 21 Feb 2019

Once Brexit is over, what’s left? A two-party system that kills optimism
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, 21 Feb 2019

The Independent Group won’t succeed unless it supports electoral reform – here’s why

Joe Sousek, The Independent, 21 Feb 2019

The Independent Group will only succeed if PR is their central policy

Catherine Mayer, The Guardian, 20 Feb 2019

Why is the Labour Party machine ignoring members on voting reform?

Owen Winter, LabourList, 20 Sep 2018

Labour under pressure to back electoral reform

Tom Guha, LabourList, 23 Aug 2018

The most stable, successful nations in the world have PR, so why can’t we?

Letters, The Guardian, 28 Jun 2018

First Past the Post leaves UK elections uniquely vulnerable to data hijack
Brian Eno, The Guardian, 6 Apr 2018

Why Labour Should Support PR

Editorial, The Clarion, 7 Mar 2018

Britain's ‘absurd’ voting system could see the Tories win an election without a popular mandate

Lamiat Sabin, Morning Star, 6 Mar 2018

7 reasons why proportional representation is a feminist issue
Amelia Womack, New Statesman, 6 Feb 2018

Ditching First Past the Post really would be "taking back control"
Phil McDuff, The Guardian, 1 Aug 2017

Here's what the UK electoral map would look like with proportional representation

Louis Dore, Indy 100, 11 Jun 2017

Labour supporters queue around the block to hear about proportional representation
Jon Stone, The Independent, 28 Sep 2016

Proportional representation: the pledge that would guarantee a Labour landslide in May

Alan Martin, New Statesman, 28 Jan 2015


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