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take action on voting reform!

Opinion is swinging in favour of proportional representation, among both Labour Party members and the wider public. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Here's what you can do as an LCER supporter. Everyone, no matter how busy they are, can do something!

Labour for a New Democracy

Our current flagship project, joint with many other Labour- and democracy-based organisations.

Our no. 1 aim is to secure a policy change in favour of PR at the 2020 Labour Party conference.

Visit the LfaND website to get involved.

Join LCER 

Don't just cheer from the sidelines - stand up and be counted! The more paid-up members we have, the more weight our campaigns will carry. Ask your friends to join as well, and get your CLP or trade union branch to affiliate.

Become a speaker for LCER

We receive many requests for speakers. The more speakers we have available, the more quickly we can fulfil these requests. We provide training, support and resources for new speakers. Email us now! 

Submit a Conference motion

We are working with Constituency Labour Parties to get a huge number of motions on voting reform submitted to Labour's 2019 Annual Conference. If you need help with the procedure, see our Model Resolutions page, or drop us a line.

In your local Labour Party

If your CLP hasn't yet passed a resolution on voting reform, organise a discussion and table a motion. LCER is happy to provide a speaker. Remember to notify us when the motion is passed. 

In your Trade Union branch

Organise a discussion on voting reform and table a motion - we are happy to provide a speaker.

Please notify LCER when you pass a resolution, as well as your Trade Union's regional office. 

Sign a petition on PR

Petition to the UK Parliament started by Theo Morgan

Petition to Keir Starmer on 38 Degrees

Make Votes Matter petition launched after the 2019 election

Owen Winter's petition on voting reform

Talk to your Labour MP

If your MP does not appear on the list of MPs and parliamentary candidates who support voting reform, engage him or her in discussion and tell them why voting reform is a priority for you. Let us know the outcome! 

Spread the word!

Even people with very little spare time can help spread the word about voting reform! Your family, friends,  neighbours and colleagues will all love to hear the arguments about fair voting systems.  

Stay in touch

Make sure we have up-to-date contact details for you. Tell us if your CLP or union branch passes a resolution on PR. And let us know if you have skills to offer, or good ideas for campaigns. 

Write a letter!

Write to the national press or your local paper - or both! Try to mention LCER by name  - several of our members have joined LCER because they saw a letter in their local paper that mentioned us.

Harness the power of social media

Social media is the ultimate recruiting tool. We've had many new members since the 2019 election and about half of them first heard about LCER via a post on social media.
We'd love you to share our blog posts or content from our website - do make your posts public so other people can share them. If you share articles on PR published by other organisations, please also include a link to LCER..


LCER, 334 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar EN6 2AX

Email lcer@labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk



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