Videos on voting reform and
systems of proportional representation

Below are links to some of the best videos on voting systems. The videos towards the top of the page are about the arguments for voting reform; scroll down for videos that explain the ins and outs of other electoral systems. We start with LCER's video in which Labour Party politicians discuss their reasons for supporting voting reform.

Please note:

These links are provided for general interest and information. Their inclusion on this page does not indicate that LCER endorses their content. 

Please click on the icons to watch. If you get you an error message, paste the relevant URL (listed below  the title of each video) into the address bar of your browser.

Check out our events page too - films of some of the events are available.

John Cleese's video on proportion representation for MVM

John Cleese presents the case for PR, for Make Votes Matter

Owen Winter's video on proportional representation

Owen Winter - Five reasons we should change our voting system

Video - New Zealand experience of PR

Changing a voting system: the New Zealand experience

Video - if the UK had proportional representation

If the UK had proportional representation....

Video - why the UK needs PR

Why the UK needs Proportional Representation

Peter Tatchell on Britain's corrupt voting system

Caroline Lucas MP on proportional representation

Arguments for electoral reform in the UK

Caroline Lucas MP: The voting system is doing long-term damage

Why Britain Desperately Needs Electoral Reform

Teenager Owen Winter talks on RT UK television

The 12 most common voting systems explained

The German election system explained

Mixed Member Proportional Systems Explained

Mixed-Member Proportional Representation

Single Transferable Vote Explained

Single Transferable Vote (STV) - Politics in the Animal Kingdom

Counting the Vote with an STV electoral system

Closed Party List Systems by Dominic Fosbraey

Stephen Fry on the Alternative Vote


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