AGM 2018

Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform

Annual General Meeting, Monday, 19  November 2018, 7.00 -  9.00pm

Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA


1.    Chair’s welcome and apologies

2.    Speaker (tbc)

3.    Officers’ reports and Questions feeding into strategy discussion, item 8:

a.    Chair

b.    Parliamentary and Political officer

c.     Labour4PR/LCER speaker meetings, resolutions

d.    Social Media

e.    Trade Unions

f.      Other Reports including:

                                               i.     Updating of membership records

                                             ii.     Transfer of database

                                            iii.     LCER Film (now on the website here)

                                            iv.     New Logo and LCER material

                                              v.     Website – development

4.    Treasurer’s report

a.    Balance sheet

b.    Record of accounts

c.     Estimates/Budget for next year

5.    Results of the LCER Executive members for 2018-19; and ratification by AGM

6.    LCER Constitution (website link here) and small amendment (from 23. “Anyone with a standing order… )

7.    PR Alliance – Good Systems Agreement.  for information, Q&A. Document link here.

8.    Labour Strategy 2018-2019 – inclusive discussion direction and decisions

9.    Date of the first new Executive Meeting

10. Any Other Business

The meeting will close by 9 pm.