Briefing before the Queen's Speech on Wednesday 21 June

Thank all of you who worked since the General Election was called in April and congratulations to those who now have a Labour MP. 

There are still Labour vote deserts and we are not in government until a repeat election. 

Would you help LCER and the party by doing some of the following: 
*Find out the position of your labour mp and /or candidate? Let us know at 

*Book a speaker for your next labour meeting ? 
*Send in a resolution supporting a change in our voting system to Jeremy, to the National Executive Committee, to Shami Chakrabarti who is on the Home Affairs and Justice commission and your regional representatives on the National Policy Forum.   
*Join or rejoin the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform via our website, address your help we will turn around the Labour Party in September 2017:

*Are you going to conference in Brighton this year, as a delegate, visitor?

*Are you going to the TUC or the Tolpuddle Festival?

Please attend the MVM rally on Saturday 24 June, 2.30 pm in Old Palace Yard, London.   

*Follow us on twitter@labour4pr 

There have been several articles about our supporters or which support changing the voting system but particularly see Labour should step down for the greens in some key seats.

and Our grotesque system needs reform.

So distorted is first past the post that very few election ballot papers will make a difference. Abandoning this could make everyone’s vote count

Newly re-elected Labour MP Clive Lewis could not contain his excitement as his win was announced.

A true progressive alliance would have made Jeremy Corbyn prime minister.

Polly Toynbee on Any Questions on 9 and 10 June

“People think what’s the point? Voting never changed anything. They are not wrong about that.  74 per cent of votes cast utterly wasted in safe seats either stacked up in safe seats or they were cast for candidates who lost. 

We need a proportional voting system where every vote counts.

I am very against referendums but it showed people how it feels when you vote counts wherever you live.  It’s not just a lottery.

We felt a profound sense of dismay when Tories won by narrow margins. In seat after seat, progressive votes were wasted, because of our broken electoral system

Let us know how your election went.  Share with us your ideas for the future. 

John Doolan