May Day Briefing

May Day greetings and good luck to all Labour candidates standing on Thursday, 3 May, especially those who are electoral reformers, to Damien Egan standing to be Lewisham Mayor and Billy Hayes standing in the London Borough of Merton.  . 


It has been a busy time recently.  LCER has been at Labour conferences in Scotland, Labour North and Wales with Billy Hayes representing LCER at the Scottish TUC.  We have had on our LCER platforms Cllr Richard McCready, Julie Ward MEP, Stephen Kinnock MP and Anna McMorrin MP. 


Before the Labour Party can vote to change the voting system, it needs to have discussion in as many branches and constituencies as possible.  We are providing speakers for many meetings up and down the country, so please contact us so that as many submissions are made to the Justice and home Affairs Commission as possible and people individually and collectively show the strength of support for reform in the Party.  There is a model resolution on our website.  Contact to request a speaker or let us know of other events LCER can attend. 


We also need the majority of Trade Unions, particularly the main affiliated unions, to address  their default position of first-past-the-post.  So LCER welcomes and is working to support, the newly formed Politics for the Many campaign here.

They have recently produced a report which you can find here:  


Meantime we have been filming Labour supporting politicians and hope to have a film of them available on our website in the near future:  You can also support the work inside the Labour Party by joining us on the website. 


We hope to be at Labour and trade union events in the next few months, the Durham Miners’ Gala on 14 July, Tolpuddle Festival from 20 to 22 July, but specifically on Sunday 22 July 2018, the Trade Union Congress in Manchester from 9 - 12 September, the Labour Women’s Conference in Liverpool on Saturday 22 September where we hope to celebrate 100 years since women got the vote at least at 30, and to say we want to move from one person, one vote nearer to one person, one vote, one value.  For women there are political culture arguments for changing the voting system. and the fact that most assemblies that use PR have better representation for women. 


Annual Conference 2018 itself will take place from Sunday 23 September to Wednesday 26 September.  Make Votes Count and LCER will have a stall as we did in Brighton 2017.  If you are going to either Conference or both, do let us know. 


In the meantime you can check out our facebook or retweet our tweets on our twitter account @labour4PR or read our Labour arguments for PR, the many, not the few, on our website.


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LCER Parliamentary and Political Officer

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John Doolan

LCER Administrative Coordinator

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John Doolan