Labour Manifesto


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Labour Party members have an opportunity to have their say on the Labour General Election manifesto.

We need to make sure that Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation (PR) is included in that manifesto.

This is a unique opportunity for everyone that believes in a fairer voting system for our country. We need to act now.

Please click on the following link and have your say. 

Questions one to five are multiple choice but you can make your views heard in questions six and seven. Here are examples of what we put:

Question Six:

A better, fairer Britain system needs to start with our broken voting system. This manifesto needs to include a strong Labour commitment for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons.

Question Seven:

We will introduce a system of Proportional Representation, following recommendations of a constitutional convention of voters & legislators.

The deadline for feedback is Tuesday, May 2nd 2017, so please make sure you have your say today.