NEC Candidates

NEC Candidate positions on Electoral Reform

We approached the 2018 NEC candidates to ask them their position on electoral reform.  Those who responded are listed below in alphabetical order.

Luke Akehurst

I have been a member of Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform for nearly 30 years and served on its Executive in the 1990s. I campaigned for a yes vote in the 2011 referendum on AV. I support a proportional Additional Member System, like the German or New Zealand system, for electing the House of Commons.

Lisa Banes

In terms of changing the First Past the Post voting system, I am in favour of a shift to Proportional Representation.

Jasmin Beckett

Definitely in support of looking at a fairer system that makes our democracy stronger.

I've always supported more proportional systems as a way of giving influence to everyone, not just a handful of swing voters in marginal seats. The many not the few ...

Ann Black

James Craigie

I am a big supporter of the single transferable vote, but the way things are at present I think I'd take any voting system that was more proportional than first past the post. I do also feel that we need to make sure that boundary changes to constituencies only ever make constituencies more marginal not safer as has happened in the past. I think that even where they make it safer for our side it potentially leads us to taking people for granted which is something we should never do as a party.

Jonathan Fletcher

It is important that electoral reform is introduced for the right reasons, to encourage greater participation and greater voter engagement and not as a way for some politicians to manipulate the electorate. I believe it will be a positive change if it increases the level of participation in elections and politics in general. I am open minded as to which method of Proportional Representation is the best and feel more discussion is needed and education provided before an informed decision is made as to the direction we follow.

In short, I support proportional representation.

Stephen Guy

I am in favour of electoral reform, a top up seat system like used in Scotland and Wales also gives the possibility of increasing under represented groups when they fail to get selected by local parties.

Heather Peto

One of the things that I have gotten used to during my time in Northern Ireland is the voting system of proportional representation and STV. I support PR voting and believe it should be used for all elections within the Labour Party. It would mean that, for instance, in the current NEC election each member gets to vote for up to 9 people. Under an STV or PR system it should be one member one vote and then they can cast their vote along order of preference.

Gary Spedding

As a member of the NEC I would not see it as my role to advocate my personal view and if members wanted to change Labour’s position on voting reform I would support them having their voices listened to via a formal process such as a policy consultation and/or a vote at party conference.

Stephen Stanners

I'm happy to confirm that I continue to support electoral reform, as I have done throughout my time in active politics. I favour the Single Transferable Vote system and would advocate this for Westminster if the party were conducting a consultation on the issue.

Darren Williams

I am a longstanding supporter of a change in the electoral system to a more proportional one. As I said in a direct mail to voters when I was a General Election candidate in 2015 “I have supported a change to the electoral system for years because I think we should hear a variety of voices which reflects the diversity of our communities.”. I am pleased that Welsh Labour looks likely to allow local authorities to opt to use STV in council elections.

Mary Winbury