Paul Flynn MP (1935-2019)

18 Feb 2019 19:00 | LCER

Paul flynn mp (1935-2019) - an advocate for  proportional representation.

We are sad to hear of the death of Paul Flynn. In the 1980s, Paul was one of the few Labour supporters interested in the devolution debate then going on in Scotland. He won his Newport West seat in 1987 at same time that Robin Cook and Jeff Rooker joined LCER. When we held our Democracy Dinner, because we had no money to do anything, Paul sent signed copies of his books for Damien Welfare to auction. Actually the current CEO of the Electoral Reform Society, Darren Hughes, did the auction for us. The books were, from memory, How to be an MP (1997), How to Fix an Election: New Labour and the Ballot Box (2000) and The Usual Suspect (2010). He wrote a biography of David Taylor MP, also an electoral reformer, after he died and called it "Clockwinder who wouldn't say No". Paul supported Remain but has not been able to vote recently because of illness. We and politics will miss him.


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