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LCER Briefing December 2018

10 Dec 2018 09:55 | LCER

Last week, the new Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform Executive chose Paul Blomfield MP to lead Labour Electoral Reformers into 2019.  
The new elected and Coopted Executive comprises: Paul Blomfield MP, Andy Burkitt (Treasurer), Mary Curran (North West), Benj Eckford (North East), Billy Hayes (Trade Unions), Euan Healey (Twitter Manager, Scotland), Mary Honeyball MEP, Maria Iacovou (Membership, East of England), Graham Lane (London), Ruth Lister (House of Lords), Ken Ritchie (East Midlands), Joe Sousek (South West, Make Votes Matter), Jane Speller (Yorkshire & Humber), Bill Taylor (Facebook), Monica Threlfall (London), Owen Winter (Youth Officer).  John Doolan (Administrative Coordinator) and Mary Southcott (Parliamentary & Political Officer) were reappointed. 
Further cooptions will be made to ensure the representation of each region and nations to include the South East (once the predominant region supporting PR outside London), Wales and the West Midlands.  If you would like to be considered for cooption particularly if you are living in one of the three just mentioned, please contact John or Mary.  

This week, on Tuesday 11 December, the movement for Proportional Representation are lobbying Parliament, calling for MPs to back what they call fair votes.  It is the day that the Commons were supposed to vote on the Prime Minister's plan for Brexit which can of course be linked with our corrupt and outdated voting system, where most votes do not matter.  You can support or join, see details here:  

Make Votes Matter - People's Lobby for Proportional Representation - Proportional Representation
Join us as we descend on Westminster to demand fair votes! On Tuesday 11th December, the movement for Proportional Representation will lobby Parliament, calling on our MPs to back fair votes.

If you cannot attend there is something that everyone can do.  
You can hold a meeting to discuss electoral reform in your branch, constituency, trade union, Labour club or women's forum.  It is often the best meeting because it goes to the heart of what we mean by democracy.  
You can invite a speaker around which to build an event.  We look forward to your request. 

You can be trained to be a speaker and do events yourself. Ask us. 
You can let us know of events coming up in your area especially ones you are attending which deal with this and allied issues.  

Last but by no means least, you can join LCER and help support our appearances at conferences and other events and even hold fundraising events.    


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