Will it be the Sun wot won it?

20 Sep 2019 15:14 | LCER

Even the Sun thinks proportional representation is inevitable!

The Sun doesn't often feature in our briefings!

But in the Radio 4 programme, The Week in Westminster, Anushka Asthana (The Guardian - always very pro-PR!) said “after Brexit is settled, people will be pushing hard for electoral reform to make a better sense of that”.  The Sun’s Thomas Zoltan Newton Dunn (Tom) commented that we have giant Balkanisation of the electorate, four or five different tribes, North Leave, West LibDem, Remain vote in the south.  He projected: Almost certainly a hung parliament, the smaller parties get a say, what do the LibDems want? proportional representation - so no surprise if we get a second referendum (on the European Union) and PR.
Let’s prove the Sun correct! Together!


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