LCER at Labour Party Conference

26 Sep 2019 10:06 | LCER

The LCER flag was flying at the 2019 Labour Party conference.

Our fringe meeting was well attended and extremely lively, with speakers from right across Labour's political spectrum. From left to right: Mark Serwotka (PCSU); Laura Parker (Momentum); Stephen Kinnock MP; Emma Dent Coad MP; Joe Sousek (MVM); Faiza Shaheen (PPC); Eddie Izzard. 

See our Twitter feed for lots more pictures of the event. 

Many MPs, delegates and visitors came to the LCER/Make Votes Matter stand, to tell us about their support and their local activities, and to sign up as members.

Perhaps most interestingly, we're meeting a steady stream of people who have been Labour voters all their lives and who have never had much time for proportional representation, but who have now changed their minds. As one person put it: "All my life, I've believed that First Past the Post was the best system - even if it wasn't exactly fair, I believed it would give us strong governments that can carry out a manifesto, and some of them would be Labour governments. What we have now is a succession of weak, dastardly, corrupt and undemocratic governments that most people didn't really vote for. I've run out of bad words for them. I'm totally on board for PR."


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