ERS General Election 2019 Briefing

20 Dec 2019 23:30 | LCER

The Electoral Reform Society's briefing on the 2019 General Election result.

Posted by ERS on 20 Dec 2019

In an election campaign characterised by uncertainty and volatility, it came as a surprise to many that the result should be such a decisive majority for one party. The Conservative Party made a net gain of 48 seats – an increase of 7.4 percentage points in their seat share compared to the 2017 general election and the largest majority for the Conservatives since 1987.

The final polls had predicted Conservative seats ranging between 311 and 367. That the difference between a hung parliament and a large majority for one party rested within a polling margin of error shows just how erratic the electoral system can be, particularly when there are more than two parties in contention.

This is an electoral system struggling to cope with increased voter volatility and multi-party politics. A system that is no longer fit for the UK.

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