LCER is a network of Labour members and supporters campaigning for the Labour Party to back the introduction of a more proportional voting system.
We believe the current voting system (First Past the Post) is unfair, outdated and not fit for purpose. We want to see FPTP replaced with a voting system in which everyone's vote counts, seats are allocated broadly in proportion to the votes cast, and the link is maintained between MPs and their constituents.

"I just wanted to let you know that our recent session on voting reform was one of the best debates we've had all year. The speaker was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable, and many members have told me how much they learned."

CLP secretary, Eastern Region

Labour Connected 2020

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>> Let's Make Every Vote Count - recording
>> Electoral Reform in Local Government - recording


A joint project between LCER and other Labour-facing groups. Our one aim: to get a resolution on PR passed at Labour's 2021 Conference.
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Campaigning in a changed world

LCER, in partnership with several other progressive organisations, spent the beginning of 2020 planning a major campaign for Labour Party Conference 2020. We planned to work with CLPs to get a large number of resolutions on PR brought to the party conference. For many reasons, we believed this was the year that Conference would vote in favour of PR.

That was before COVID arrived. The 2020 Conference was postponed, but we're still working on the campaign, and we're planning for the vote in 2021.

The campaign is called Labour for a New Democracy. Sign up to take part!

Local Labour party meetings went on hold during lockdown, but have started up again, and virtual meetings are now allowed to take votes. We're happy to provide a speaker on voting reform. Just fill in our speaker request form in the normal way.

keir starmer and angela rayner

On Saturday 4 April, the results of the Labour Party elections for the leadership and deputy leadership were announced. Keir Starmer won the leadership contest with 56% of the vote, and Angela Rayner won the deputy leadership contest on the third round, with 52% of the vote. They begin their leadership at a time of national crisis; we wish them well.

During his election campaign, Keir Starmer made statements in support of a more proportional voting system, and Angela Rayner's statements expressed openness, if not a full commitment, to PR. The Labour Party now has a leadership team more committed to democratic reform than at any time in the last 25 years, and arguably in its entire history. 


“We’ve got to address the fact that millions of people vote in safe seats and they feel their voice doesn’t count. That’s got to be addressed by electoral reform. We will never get full participation in our electoral system until we do that at every level. I would consult the Party membership on electoral reform and include it within the constitutional convention that looks at wider democratic renewal--including abolishing the Lords and furthering devolution on the principles of federalism.”


"I’m open to change in how we do business [...] but personally my top concern is to keep the link between politicians and constituencies

Without a doubt, the first major constitutional reform should be replacing the House of Lords and I don't think there is any doubt that would need a new electoral system. I also support using STV in internal party elections. If we are serious about democratic reform in the country, we can show it within our own party first."   full text

READ our report:
the many, not the few

Produced jointly by LCER and Make Votes Matter, this report draws on research by political scientists analysing voting systems all over the world.

It shows that not only is PR more democratic than First Past the Post, it is associated with fairer societies, with more equal distributions of income and higher levels of public spending.

Report on proportional representation in the labour party LCER and MVM

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trade unionists

making the case for pr

The support of trade unionists is crucial to the success of our campaign to change the voting system.

Read about our work with the trades unions, and how you can be part of it.

What's wrong with First Past the Post?

Under FPTP, people living in safe seats know their vote will never make any difference - the election always hangs on a few voters in marginal seats. That's just plain wrong.

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Why must Labour take the lead on voting reform?

The Tories will never change the voting system - FPTP gives an inbuilt advantage to right-wing parties, because Labour voters tend to be concentrated in urban areas.

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LCER collaborates with many other organisations promoting democratic reform. We are a signatory to the Good Systems Agreement.


Link to Politics for the Many, Trade Unionists for Political Reform


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