"Democracy is not just a means to an end. Democracy is a value in itself. And if we treasure that value, we need to provide a more democratic system for the centrepiece of our own political structure." - Robin Cook, 2005

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LCER is a network of Labour Party members and supporters campaigning for the Labour Party to support a more proportional voting system.

We believe the current voting system ("First Past the Post") is unfair, outdated and not fit for purpose. We want to see FPTP replaced with a voting system in which everyone’s vote counts, seats are allocated broadly in proportion to the votes cast, and the link is maintained between MPs and their constituents.


This election, more than any other in UK history, highlights the defects of First Past the Post. With the left-of-centre vote split between four or five parties, the result hangs on a knife-edge, and will probably be decided by tactical voting in marginal constituencies.

LCER is calling for a voting system where all votes matter, not just the votes of people living in marginal seats. We want a voting system that means everyone can turn out on election day and vote for the party they support, knowing their vote will count.

We want a voting system that will elect a Parliament that represents the people properly. Surely that's not too much to ask.

Join us!

What our supporters can do

In the weeks ahead, our main job as Labour members and supporters is to work together for a Labour victory.

But this is also an ideal time to spread the word about voting reform. When people complain about having to vote tactically (and many will), tell them it doesn't have to be this way.

People who normally support other parties may be more likely to give a tactical vote to Labour if the Labour candidate supports PR. LCER will be spreading the word. If your Labour MP or PPC supports voting reform ...

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CALLING  ALL  LABOUR  MPs  and  PPCs!        Do you support a fairer voting system?     >> Let us know!  <<

Meet the PPCs calling for voting reform

Nadia Whittome, PPC for Nottingham East

“The current system denies millions of voters political representation. As part of tackling the deep disillusionment, disenfranchisement, and powerlessness felt by so many, we must make all votes matter. And this must be extended to all UK residents and people aged over 16."

Faiza Shaheen, PPC for Chingford and Woodford Green

"Brexit has really demonstrated the flaws of our political system.  What we need to be offering now is proportional representation... to ensure we have more working class representation in parliament, to expand democracy into the workplace and the media, to make this process more transparent, to move away from this Westminster bubble"

John McDonnell calls
for voting reform

John McDonnell supports PR. Photo FT 2018 © Cian Oba-Smith

"The current voting system is allowing the Tories to force extreme measures on our country, despite having won only 36.9 per cent of the vote...

We have to scrap First Past the Post".

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trade unionists

making the case for pr

The support of trade unionists is crucial to the success of our campaign to change the voting system.

Read about our work with the trades unions, and how you can be part of it.

READ our report:
the many, not the few

Produced jointly by LCER and Make Votes Matter, this report draws on research by political scientists analysing voting systems all over the world.

It shows that not only is PR more democratic than First Past the Post, it is associated with fairer societies, with more equal distributions of income and higher levels of public spending.

Report on proportional representation in the labour party LCER and MVM

invite a speaker

for your CLP or Trade Union meeting

Presentation on proportional representation at a labour party meeting

We have a panel of speakers who are available to attend meetings all over the country.

If you would like to spark a discussion at a meeting of your local Labour Party or Trade Union, please contact us.

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"I just wanted to let you know that our recent session on voting reform was one of the best debates we've had all year. The speaker was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable, and many members have told me how much they learned."

CLP secretary, Eastern Region



Video - MPs and others discussing electoral reform
Video - John Cleese makes the case for proportional representation

What's wrong with
First Past the Post?

Under FPTP, people living in safe seats know their vote will never make any difference - the election always hangs on a few voters in marginal seats. That's just plain wrong.

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Are other voting systems any better than FPTP?

Across the world, most countries hold elections using proportional voting systems. Even in the UK, we use PR for elections to our Regional and London Assemblies.

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Why must Labour take the lead on voting reform?

The Tories will never change the voting system - FPTP gives an inbuilt advantage to right-wing parties, because Labour voters tend to be concentrated in urban areas.

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We collaborate with many other organisations promoting democratic reform.


Link to Politics for the Many, Trade Unionists for Political Reform



Postal address:  84 Cranbrook Road, Bristol BS6 7DB

Email: lcer@labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk

Phone:  0117 924 5139;  07712 511931

Website https://www.labourcampaignforelectoralreform.org.uk

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