LCER works with many other organisations campaigning for democratic reform, and many of our members are also active in other groups.

But there are good reasons why every single Labour Party supporter who wants a fair voting system should become a paid-up member of LCER.

  • The Labour Party is absolutely key to achieving democratic reform. The Tories benefit so much from FPTP that they will never introduce PR, while the smaller parties already support PR but lack the power to bring about change.
  • An organisation composed solely of Labour members and supporters has a much better chance of changing Labour party policy than a cross-party organisation.
  • LCER is the only membership organisation working solely within the Labour party.

What about Labour for a New Democracy?

L4ND is a coalition of groups campaigning for change within the Labour movement. LCER is the organisation that formally hosts L4ND and employs the L4ND staff. However, L4ND is a campaigning coalition and not a membership organisation - L4ND enourages all its supporters to join LCER.

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